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masteruse environment variables for configPrithu Goswami18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-25use environment variables for configHEADmasterPrithu Goswami
2020-05-25refactor transaction/add routePrithu Goswami
2020-05-24add new routes to apiPrithu Goswami
2020-05-24add new api route and register auth blueprintPrithu Goswami
2020-05-24add templates for login and signupPrithu Goswami
2020-05-24add authentication routesPrithu Goswami
2020-05-23change the db namePrithu Goswami
2020-05-23boilerplate for mongodb connectionPrithu Goswami
2020-05-23add new gitignore for serverPrithu Goswami
2020-05-23renamePrithu Goswami