AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-08-11Update Jframe titleHEADmasterPrithu Goswami
pheww... that was a lot of work We now have "TMDb Desktop Client" as the title
2019-05-29Update README.mdPrithu Goswami
2019-05-07Update README.mdprithugoswami
Cleaner to keep a separate directory for the compiled class files
2019-05-04Update ImagePanelprithugoswami
Forgot to change the package name.
2019-05-04Move ImagePanel components/prithugoswami
custom Swing components to be put in the components/ directory
2019-05-03Update Movie, Constants classprithugoswami
- Movie class now has a BufferedImage member with the poster of the movie - A ImagePanel class added - Constants class was updated to include the Image url
2019-05-01Update Search class and Mainprithugoswami
Did some reformating and Refactoring Search class will now accept spaces in the query String.
2019-05-01WorksPrashant Jha
2019-05-01Search class to return IDS of result moviesPrashant Jha
2019-05-01Merge branch 'master' of github.com:prithugoswami/tmdb-desktop-clientprithugoswami
2019-05-01re-format the code and add image urlprithugoswami
2019-05-01Search details filePrashant Jha
2019-05-01Merge branch 'master' of github.com:prithugoswami/tmdb-desktop-clientPrashant Jha
2019-05-01Search and Movie classesPrashant Jha
2019-05-01Rename Tmdb to tmdbprithugoswami
2019-05-01update `Movie.java` and `Main.java`prithugoswami
Main now has an example of usage of the `Movie` class.
2019-05-01update READMEprithugoswami
2019-04-30update README.mdprithugoswami
add instructions to compile and run
2019-04-30add `Movie` and `Constants` classprithugoswami
2019-04-30Remove temporary test filesprithugoswami
2019-04-19FinalFilePrashant Jha
2019-03-30Deleted Unncecessary libraryPrashant Jha
2019-03-30Added UI test file and corresponding javax.swing libraryPrashant Jha
2019-03-29update test.javaprithugoswami
2019-03-29some test files and lib folderprithugoswami
2019-03-29add gitignoreprithugoswami
2019-03-21update README and add TODO.mdprithugoswami
2019-03-21Initial commitPrithu Goswami