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my build of dmenu

Use bold for keyboard shortcuts in dmenu.1

Like dwm, use the same syntax for all keyboard shortcuts for
David Demelier
Wed, 09 May 2018 21:27:29 +0200




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@@ -106,88 +106,88 @@ .TP

.B Ctrl-Right Move cursor to the end of the current word .TP -C\-a +.B C\-a Home .TP -C\-b +.B C\-b Left .TP -C\-c +.B C\-c Escape .TP -C\-d +.B C\-d Delete .TP -C\-e +.B C\-e End .TP -C\-f +.B C\-f Right .TP -C\-g +.B C\-g Escape .TP -C\-h +.B C\-h Backspace .TP -C\-i +.B C\-i Tab .TP -C\-j +.B C\-j Return .TP -C\-J +.B C\-J Shift-Return .TP -C\-k +.B C\-k Delete line right .TP -C\-m +.B C\-m Return .TP -C\-M +.B C\-M Shift-Return .TP -C\-n +.B C\-n Down .TP -C\-p +.B C\-p Up .TP -C\-u +.B C\-u Delete line left .TP -C\-w +.B C\-w Delete word left .TP -C\-y +.B C\-y Paste from primary X selection .TP -C\-Y +.B C\-Y Paste from X clipboard .TP -M\-b +.B M\-b Move cursor to the start of the current word .TP -M\-f +.B M\-f Move cursor to the end of the current word .TP -M\-g +.B M\-g Home .TP -M\-G +.B M\-G End .TP -M\-h +.B M\-h Up .TP -M\-j +.B M\-j Page down .TP -M\-k +.B M\-k Page up .TP -M\-l +.B M\-l Down .SH SEE ALSO .IR dwm (1),