dotfileslinux dotfiles 3 days
websitepersonal website hosted at, built using hugo 5 months
notesnotes, written in Markdown and LaTeX 6 months
dmenumy build of dmenu 10 months
slstatusmy build of slstatus ( 10 months
stmy build of st(1) ( 10 months
dwmmy dwm build 17 months
moviedbA Flask web-app to browse movie information from IMDb using imdbpy 2 years
expense-tracker[WIP] A simple expense tracker using python flask 2 years
tmdb-desktop-clientA simple tmdb desktop client written in Java 3 years
hashtableA very simple hashtable implementation in C 4 years
auto-movie-taggerA Python script that auto tags and adds poster to mkv or mp4 movie files. 4 years