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mastermpv scripts: autosub.luaPrithu Goswami3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-11-08mpv scripts: autosub.luaHEADmasterPrithu Goswami
2021-11-08add scriptsPrithu Goswami
2021-11-08bruh -- idk man, just a bunch'o changesPrithu Goswami
2021-06-27bunch o' stuff - lolPrithu Goswami
2021-05-23a bunch of stuff man, idk..lolPrithu Goswami
2021-02-24unified tmux configPrithu Goswami
2021-02-24add new alias to read logPrithu Goswami
2021-02-24changes to log scriptPrithu Goswami
2021-02-14some changes...idk..Prithu Goswami
2021-02-14update log script with ecryptionPrithu Goswami